Top Reasons For Visiting An Art Museum With Kids Today

If you have children, or even if you are a teacher in charge of multiple young students, you might want to consider taking them to an art museum. This is an excellent way to introduce them to certain things in history that may relate to their town or city, allowing them to be culturally indoctrinated to some degree. Art museums can contain many different exhibits which can be very interesting, showcasing both private and public art. There could be paintings, sculptures, and a multitude of other items that are related to the artistic abilities of people that may have once lived in the area, or that may represent many different artists from all over the world. Here are the top reasons for visiting an art museum with children that will most certainly benefit from this type of activity.

What Is In An Art Museum?


visiting an art museum with kids

A few of the things that are contained within an art museum, also referred to as an art gallery, have already been mentioned. Additionally, there could be furniture that was made over 100 years ago, textiles that were produced, and costumes that were used in different time periods. Of interest to most kids are the many different drawings that they will see, perhaps those that are watercolors, pastels or collages. There may also be photographs that are taken in black and white from decades ago, showing them what their city or town used to look like. Essentially, it is a place that displays the artistic expression of the people in the area, or individuals that have actually inspired other artists over the centuries. You may even be lucky enough to see artistic activities such as a performance representing plays that were once done, music concerts, and there may also be poets that come in from time to time to express their version of art in the form of words and prose.

Portrait of Sir John Soane

Portrait of Sir John Soane

Architectural Aspects To Consider

As you walk into an art gallery, you should know that many of them are actually specifically designed to showcase art that would be displayed. One of the original architects was Sir John Soane, and through his efforts, the art gallery was designed with a multitude of interconnected rooms, providing uninterrupted wall space from which paintings and pictures could be hung, eliminated by lights from overhead. This actually started a large movement, with many art galleries forming all across Europe and America. Today, we have beautiful examples of his initial work expressed in places such as New York City, particularly the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Cultural Aspects Of Art Museums

One other thing that children will learn when they see the different types of art that are displayed is they will recognize that different cultures, as well as different time periods, created a wide variety of different expressions of art. In fact, many of the most famous artists actually used art to express their feelings about their government, or popular fads of the day.

This was pre-Internet, prior to Photoshop, and this can allow children to see a gradual progression of how art has become digitized, and how it was also used to express the deepest inner feelings of people that were living in all different cultures worldwide.

The Primary Benefit For Kids



Although this can be debated, one of the primary benefits of taking children to an art museum is expanding their minds. When they are able to see what other people have thought to in the past, encapsulated in the sculptures and paintings that they have created, it will get their own creative concepts flowing. Sometimes children are limited by their environment, and the habits that they have every day which may include watching television, talking to friends and family, and not really going outside of that perspective. However, an art museum can actually inspire kids to think of new ideas, introducing concepts and images that they may have never seen before. It is only through the creativity within the subconscious that true inspiration can be manifest, and by introducing children to the artwork of those that have long since passed, they can begin to develop new and innovative ideas in their minds which may actually influence their generation.

Whether you are a person that has children that you would like to introduce to artwork in your community, or if you are responsible for the aspiring minds of young children in grade school, or even in high school, an art gallery is one of the best places that you can take them. It is a great way to help them deviate from the electronic noise of today, provided by the Internet and smart phones. Schedule a trip to an art gallery as soon as you can, and you will be doing a great service for these young minds helping them to expand their imagination.