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Puppy & Dog Vaccination – Diseases and Symptoms

dog vaccine | Ivanhoe Vet

Fatal Dog Diseases One way to get them read is by getting them vaccine shots. Common dog vaccinations prevent some of the most fatal canine diseases such as Canine Parvovirus, Canine Distemper, Canine Hepatitis and Canine Parainfluenza.   These three…
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Cost Of Float Therapy

Cost of Float Sessions | Elevation Floatation

Flotation therapy is the latest spa treatment that is taking the industry by storm. In fact, the experience is unlike any other treatment you have ever had. Float therapy offers a complete sensory deprivation experience where one reaches a deep…
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Learn Information About Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Treatment | Vineyard Dental Clinic

If you’re hoping to save a tooth that is dead or dying, then you might be thinking about root canal therapy. Unfortunately, many patients who have root canal therapy recommended to them are actually folks that have been diagnosed wrong….
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What are the House Colour Trends in 2017?

House Colour Trends in 2017 That Will Blow Your Mind Neutral colours have continued to be popular in many homes throughout the first quarter of 2017. This is a change from 2016 when shades of pastel and soft pinks dominated…
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Top benefits – Fat Cavitation VS. Weight loss

Fat cavitation vs weight loss in Sydney – Top 10 Benefits of fat cavitation in Sydney   The Photo is the same day photo after fat freezing followed by fat cavitation to tighten the skin, our machines, real people, no…
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