Tips on Teaching Children How To Count

Do you have very young children or work with young children who still do not know too much about numbers? If so, be grateful that there are now several fun activities that you can utilise to teach them how to count and identify numbers. Just remember to start with the basics, especially when the children are just starting to familiarise the numbers.

Use Flashcards

One of the first things you should consider doing is purchasing number flashcards. If you are on a tight budget, you can make them on your own using 4 x 5 cards and colourful markers to make them more appealing to the children. Each card should have the number and the word that spells out the number directly underneath it. You can show the children each flashcard, say the number to them and then have them repeat it after you.
Consider Finger Counting

Aside from using flashcards to help children see how the number looks like, you should also show them how to use their fingers to count. Of course, they cannot use their fingers to count all the way up to 100. However, if they are just getting started, having them use their fingers to learn how to count to 10 is ideal. Hold your fingers up in front of them to show them examples of each number. Encourage them to try it for themselves until they get the hang of it.

Make Lessons Fun & Exciting


fun counting

Children are often motivated to learn when the lesson is fun and exciting. In that case, you should consider making up your very own counting song. Sing out the numbers to a catchy tune so that the children will remember the order that they are in each time. After singing the song several times, they may easily remember how to count to 10.

When the children begin to make progress and are able to count to 10 by themselves, you can start adding more numbers so that they can count even further than before. If you continue to use the flashcards and make learning to count fun by turning it into a song, the children should be able to count to 100 in no time.

Think About Visualisation

Some children are visual learners. They can learn to count by seeing different items right in front of them. For example, you can set 10 pennies, 10 buttons or 10 crayons on a table and have the children count them out. As the child gets better at counting, you can continue to add more items to the table for them to count out. The children will love trying to figure out how many different items are in front of them.

Teaching children how to count is not such a hard task. You will just need to have patience. This is true especially that there may be a few children who will struggle with counting at first. However, with persistence and a few creative counting lessons, children will know how to count to 100 and possibly even more without any hesitation at all.