Teaching Tips

Whether you are a teacher with a class or a parent with children, there are techniques that can help you. Get these creative and fun teaching ideas now.

The Importance of Teaching Children Philosophy

advantage of studying philosophy for children

Children are, without a doubt, the world’s purest and even cleverest philosophers. Ask the parents of a small child and they will tell you how the child deftly wields the “why?” question at the most opportune times. So, how does…
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Spotting The Signs Of Bad Parenting


Parenting is something that needs to be practiced diligently if you want to be able to master the skill. It has been said that parenting is one of the toughest jobs in the world, which is true if you want…
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Different Ways To Discipline A Child

crying child

Children are a blessing, but at times when they misbehave they may seem like they are a curse. However, if you know how to properly discipline your child you will find that it is rather easy to take care of…
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Tips On Teaching Kids A Second Language

children studying a second language

More people than ever before are realizing the benefits of teaching their children as second language. If you happen to be bilingual, this is a great beginning for your children as they can learn how to speak a second language….
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Ways Parents Need to Teach Kids About Money

saving money

Think about when you were a kid and what you learned about money. Combining your development at home and what you learned in school, do you think that you knew enough entering adulthood to be financially responsible? Most people I…
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What Are Some Good Teacher Games For Kids?

teacher games

If you are a teacher, you may want to make sure that learning is always fun for your students. If they are having a good time in your classroom, learning new material may certainly not seem like such a bore…
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Tips on Teaching Children How To Count

teaching kids how to count

Do you have very young children or work with young children who still do not know too much about numbers? If so, be grateful that there are now several fun activities that you can utilise to teach them how to…
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Teaching Different Types of Learners

learning and schooling

All you have to do is talk to an education professional and you will hear all about how different kids not only learn at a different pace, but many of them will also learn quite differently from one to another….
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