Teaching Different Types of Learners

All you have to do is talk to an education professional and you will hear all about how different kids not only learn at a different pace, but many of them will also learn quite differently from one to another. The more we know about how children learn, the better the chances of developing ways that can help them learn more effectively. Once these learning patterns are nurtured, there will be a drastic growth in learning for all age groups.

Start with the Basics

As a new skill is taught, it is always best to start off at the beginning with the basics. While it may seem easy to say, many coaches, teachers and even parents make mistakes in this area. If you overlook the basics, even with a child who seems to have a solid foundation for learning, you are risking misunderstanding.

Provide Equal Opportunity for Learning


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There can actually be a fine line between leaving a student behind and actually hindering an entire group or a class as they try to learn. You need to realize that not everyone is going to be able to learn or excel at the same time. As a teacher or a coach to a child you need to be able to provide the same learning opportunities for all of the children, while taking and setting time aside to nurture those that need a little bit of extra explanation or examples.

Teaching Methods that Work

Whether you are a teacher wants to know more in terms of techniques for teaching an entire class or a parent with more than one child, each of whom learns at a different pace, there are techniques that can help. The best way to teach children who may learn differently from one another is looking for methods that work. All too often, there will be a classroom setting that has a rigid set of goals and a path for learning where some of the students will simply be left behind.

The most successful ways to teach children is to find out what it is that sparks their imagination and helps them to learn. As a parent, teacher, tutor or coach, you are going to find that these various methods will be worth their weight in gold. The more excited a child is about their successes along the way, the more they are going to be ready and willing to move onto the next learning adventure.