Spotting The Signs Of Bad Parenting

Parenting is something that needs to be practiced diligently if you want to be able to master the skill. It has been said that parenting is one of the toughest jobs in the world, which is true if you want to be able to raise a child that is well-mannered, shows a balance of values and morals, while also displaying proper discipline. Of course, each child is different and it certainly takes a great deal of patience as a parent to be able to adapt to every situation that comes about during your parenting trials and tribulations. These are some of the top signs of bad parenting so that you know what to look for and how you can adjust to only offer the best for your child:

angry mother

Emotional Abuse

The unfortunate truth is that there are a lot of people who do not believe that emotional abuse is anywhere near as serious as physical abuse. However, the fact of the matter is that abusing a child emotionally can be just as bad, if not worse, than physical abuse in some ways. Emotional harm is something that can actually last for a lifetime as it is something that lingers in the mind. This is a kind of abuse that can take shape in the form of lying, manipulation and also insulting the child.

Lack Of Discipline

One school of thought is that a lack of discipline is very similar to ignoring a child. If you are not acknowledging your child whenever he or she is doing wrong, they are never going to be able to learn the right behavior that is acceptable in your household or in society. Discipline, when done correctly, does not mean abuse. Any parent should be able to pull their child aside and then explain to them what it is that they are doing wrong, along with an example of what the right behavior is.


While there are times when a bit of spoiling never hurt anyone, consistently letting your child get their way and having whatever they want is going to send the wrong message. A lot of children that are always spoiled have a tendency to become uncontrollable and they can sometimes overtake family situations. As a spoiled child gets older, he or she could be extremely difficult to deal with and live with.

Too much spoiling is also something that will end up being very hard on the child as well. A lot of spoiled children grow up to be adults that hit the real world wondering why they are not able to get everything that they want. This can be a difficult subject for some parents to tackle, however it is something that should be addressed.

Over Protection

Being an overprotective parent can start to go sour as your child gets older. A parent who over protects when their child is young will often see a great deal of resistance with the child as they get older. You will usually end up butting heads with your child often as they will sometimes view you as being interfering and restrictive. There is also a chance that they will view you as being the person that will cover up the mistakes that the child makes and protect them even if they happen to be wrong. A lot of kids who are overprotected when they are young can develop an arrogant attitude and take you for granted.

Not Giving Enough Time

Kids need a lot more than food to live and money when they want to buy something. Children also need to be able to speak with you and hear comforting words when they need it. Communication is something that will help to strengthen your bond and make it so that you are able to form a good, two-way relationship. Your children should never simply view you as an ATM machine or a ride where they need to go. The more time that you are able to give to your child(ren) the better the relationship you should be able to build together.

All of these things come down to parenting and trying to raise your kids in a manner that will allow them to be good, responsible people. Try to watch out for a lot of these signs and work to avoid them whenever possible. The more of a positive impact that you have on the lives of your children, the easier it will be to go through all of the storms that parenting can bring about.