Six Tips For Teaching Kids Calculus

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A lot of parents panic when their child comes to them asking for help with math problems. This is doubly true when the child asks for help with a more complicated form of math, like calculus.

But while calculus is difficult, it isn’t impossible for parents to provide their children with some useful tips. Even if you never managed to master calculus yourself, you can use these tips to help your children build the kind of skills that they need.

1. Find Online Tutorials

Sometimes, the best way to teach a child something isn’t to pass on your own knowledge. Instead, it is to connect them to another source of knowledge. There are a lot of excellent online tutorials that were created to help children master calculus concepts. Some of these tutorials are actually a lot of fun.

Take the time to find a few great tutorials, and then share them with your child. You can look at the tutorials together.

2. Talk To Their Teachers

If you are trying to help your child to succeed, then you should open up a line of communication with their teacher. Your child’s familiar should be familiar with their strengths, and should also understand what your child is struggling with.

Send an email to your child’s teacher. Explain that you are trying to help them with calculus, and that you would appreciate any insight they might have. They may be able to connect you with learning materials, or point out specific concepts that you should be working on.

3. Always Have Goals To Work Towards

Don’t just sit down for an hour with the intention of working on calculus. Instead, you should try to work towards specific goals. If you are able to come closer to a milestone — or hit a target — both you and your child will feel a greater sense of accomplishment.

The goals that you set could be fairly simple. For example, your goal could be to solve five problems each night. As your child’s skills improve, you can start to set goals that are a little more complex. Little by little, you’ll see your child become a stronger student.

4. Look For Real Life Applications

A lot of children become frustrated with calculus while they’re studying it. Not only is calculus difficult, it often seems unimportant. Many children believe that they will never use calculus concepts in the real world.

If you can change that mistaken impression, your child is likely to find calculus to be a lot more interesting. Show them some of the ways that successful people have used calculus to accomplish their goals. You could show them the work of engineers, or even of scientists. Once they see what calculus can do, they will want to build those skills for themselves.

5. Find Ways To Make Calculus Fun

While high level math is enjoyable for a small subset of people, it certainly isn’t fun for everybody. Thankfully, there are a lot of easy ways that you can make calculus more entertaining.

One of the smartest things you can do is introduce your child to calculus games. Studies have shown that most children respond well to the gamification of educational concepts. If you find a fun calculus game, your child will be a lot more motivated to succeed at this subject.

6. Consider A Tutor

If you’ve tried to teach your child calculus, but aren’t making any real progress, you should give some serious thought to hiring a tutor. A lot of parents are uncomfortable with the idea of bringing in a tutor. They may think this means that they have failed in their job.

However, in the long run, working with a tutor may be the best thing for your child. When children are unable to grasp certain concepts, it can make it very difficult for them to continue to learn. A skilled tutor will make sure that your child knows all of the calculus concepts that they need for success.

Teaching children calculus is extremely difficult, but it is still possible. Even if you don’t know much about calculus, there are a lot of things that you can teach your child about the subject.