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The Importance of Teaching Children Philosophy

advantage of studying philosophy for children

Children are, without a doubt, the world’s purest and even cleverest philosophers. Ask the parents of a small child and they will tell you how the child deftly wields the “why?” question at the most opportune times. So, how does…
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Spotting The Signs Of Bad Parenting


Parenting is something that needs to be practiced diligently if you want to be able to master the skill. It has been said that parenting is one of the toughest jobs in the world, which is true if you want…
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Different Ways To Discipline A Child

crying child

Children are a blessing, but at times when they misbehave they may seem like they are a curse. However, if you know how to properly discipline your child you will find that it is rather easy to take care of…
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Teaching Kids to deal with Frustration

child's frustration

It is no unusual occurrence, the juvenile meltdown in classrooms is usually cause to summon a meeting with the child’s parents. Most often the parents are shocked and appalled that their bundle of joy, who , for the most part,…
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Tips On Teaching Kids A Second Language

children studying a second language

More people than ever before are realizing the benefits of teaching their children as second language. If you happen to be bilingual, this is a great beginning for your children as they can learn how to speak a second language….
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Online Games That Teach Kids About The Environment

kids technology

If you would like to teach your children about the environment, there are several ways that you can do this effectively. The modern age has made it possible for computers, software programs, and the Internet, to help kids learn more…
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