Online Games That Teach Kids About The Environment

If you would like to teach your children about the environment, there are several ways that you can do this effectively. The modern age has made it possible for computers, software programs, and the Internet, to help kids learn more about this very important subject. Decades ago, prior to the near full acceptance of problems such as global warming and climate change, these issues were not that important because they were not part of our daily lives. However, times have changed dramatically, creating situations where the way that we live our lives is becoming compromised. In order to convey information to children, one of the easiest ways that this can be done is by presenting this information in the form of online games. Let’s look at different ways that issues related to the environment can be presented to children in a game that they will enjoy playing, and at the same time educate them on one of the most important topics of our lives.

Why Online Games Are So Useful For Teaching Kids

Thinking from the perspective of a child, games are a large part of their lives. Back in the 1980s when video games were first introduced, they have made incredible advancements, especially those that can be played on the web. Most people have heard about interactive games where people can compete against each other who live in completely different countries. They will form armies, go on a quest, or become part of a military mission, all from the comfort of their home. Virtual reality gaming has also improved how real games can be, allowing people to literally place themselves within that virtual reality. Games such as these can be very influential in helping kids understand how important the environment truly is.

What These Games Should Teach


online nature games

Games that are going to teach children about the environment need to show both sides of the story. The games need to show them how the world can actually look when the environment is not facing constant peril. It should then show kids many of the problems we’re facing today including global warming, climate change, and how seasons are becoming compromised. Normal weather patterns are harder to predict than ever before of the planet. These topics and many more should be presented in a gaming format, allowing kids to have fun and also learn how to potentially improve the environment that we live in. Whether they are interacting with other players on their phone, or participating in a VR setting, games can really cement their interest in this topic, and theoretically motivate them to make choices and decisions that can help our world recover.

BBC Climate Change

This is a game that allows children to pretend that they are in charge of the world. Specifically, they are given the role of president of the European nations. You will have the opportunity to make choices where you can promote industrial energy efficiency, and also deviate from the use of coal and natural gas. The goal of the game is to diminish the amount of CO2 in the environment, the primary reason that we are experiencing global warming. Additionally, kids can focus on minimizing the use of oil, hydroelectric plants, and move toward more environmentally friendly ways of generating energy such as windmills and solar energy

Recycle City

Recycle City

This is a game that will teach children the importance of recycling, and also how detrimental it can be for the world if we do not each do our part. Your goal is to take your team and learn to hunt for recyclable materials such as glass, plastic, and other recyclables which would otherwise land in landfills and not decompose for potentially thousands of years. This is a good game to introduce the topic of aquifers and how landfills could actually compromise our drinking water many centuries in the future. At the pace that mankind is reproducing, increasing our population by exponential amounts, it is absolutely imperative that kids learn about the importance of recycling everything that we can.



This game focuses upon the climate, and your job in the game is to reach specific climate related goals. The overall concept is based upon reducing greenhouse emissions, and doing so within a certain timeframe. It also allows the children to create alternative sources of energy, and reduce overall human consumption. By allowing them to learn about the climate, and how it can be affected in a positive way, this will help them understand what they will need to do when they are adults.

After your kids have played all of these games which focus on different aspects of climate change and how we can save our environment, they will have a strong foundation built upon not only the visuals of the game, but the information that will be presented. Games are a fantastic medium by which children can learn very important concepts, and remember them because they will be learned in a fun filled way. This is a great way to create a solid foundation for all kids, regardless of how old or young they are, about how to help fix our environment.