Fun and Safe Science Projects for Pre-Schoolers

Young boy performing chemistry experiments at the lab

If you are teaching little kids in preschool, you need creative ways to make learning fun and exciting. Ensure that your techniques will not only keep the kids entertained, but educational too. Teaching little kids can be tough and challenging. You must need teaching strategies and unique skills to hold their attention, which is very short. You need to teach them at the same time entertain them to keep them focused. For this reason, you need fun and safe activities that are very appropriate for little children.

There are so many great science project ideas available these days. They are simple, fun and won’t break the budget. You can even get the parents involved and have them help their kids. This way, things are even easier for you. It can be very tricky to teach these little ones about science. The biggest concern of course, is their safety. Hoping they won’t try dangerous things at home. Hence, finding easy, yet, safe science projects is mandatory.

Depending on how creative you are personally as a teacher, you may have all kinds of ideas in mind already. However, if you are not a very creative person, then you need to research for fun project ideas online or in Science magazines. You can look up all kinds of ideas and pick the ones you want to try each week perhaps.

One easy and fun science project is called discovery tubes. This is done using a clear vinyl tubing to make a ring where liquid substances are filled. This is a great aid in teaching kids about viscosity. This is a scientific concept which describes how fast a liquid moves. If liquid like syrup or baby oil is put into the discovery tube, a child can see how fast or slow it moves.

To make it more fun, the kids can dye the liquid with different colour and add some sparkles or glitters to it. The vinyl tubing costs only about 75 cents a foot. Thus, it makes it a very economical science project. Also, you will only need very few materials to make this project. Yet, it is something that will entertain the kids all day long!

Another fun science project for kids is called milk painting. The scientific concept behind this project is that when dish soap is added to milk with some dye or food colouring, the colour separates for a while. And when the mixture is swirled around, it can result to an abstract and very artistic painting. It can also turn your little ones into instant artists.

The materials needed for this science project are very simple. Kids will surely love playing with this for hours. But for a more substantial project, you could turn it into marbled milk paper. You just simply need to dip pieces of paper into your milk mixture and hold it there for 5 seconds.

This marbled milk paper can be great for further projects of the kids. The output can be used as artistic greeting cards for special occasions. It can also serve as writing papers where kids can practice to write their names on them. Surely, this project will delight the children for long periods of time.

Another extremely fun science project for kids is the rainbow wizard’s brew. This project will teach the kids as to what happens when certain chemicals react to other chemicals. It is going to use materials that are super safe for kids. Thus, it will result to more laughter and fun for the whole day.

To perform this project, you will need a jar filled halfway with vinegar. Then, add a few drops of food colouring. You can add glitters too to make it extra fun. Squeeze in enough amount of dish soap and then stir the mixture. After that, place jar on a tray. Have one child add a huge teaspoonful of baking soda. Stir it and watch as the foaming begins!

Keep adding more baking soda and vinegar to keep the foaming going if in the event it slows down. Also, add a tablespoon of vinegar and food colouring every now and then to make it change colours. The more you stir the mixture, the faster the reaction goes. The more fun it is for the kids, too.

Your class will definitely enjoy all this fun and exciting science project ideas out there. To be able to accomplish some of these projects successfully, you will need some courage and patience to do so. Of course, it’s a bit challenging to control curious kids in a class with so much fun at their fingertips. Ask for help from parents if you need some. And remember, always be safe and perform your science projects with lots of fun!