Difference between matchmaking agency and online dating

As expert matchmakers in Sydney, we get the same question on rotation – why would I use a matchmaker as opposed to online dating sites? In today’s blog post, we’re going to give you our top reasons why singles choose matchmakers instead of hopping or searching online to meet their ideal partner.

Matchmakers are one of the oldest profession who has been around for centuries and was commonly used across the world. The basic concept of matchmaking back in the day consists of having someone introduce to you, your potential life partner – in some cases, you have the option to get to know them, however, in more traditional cultures, the wedding is set in stone way before you meet the person.

In the more modern sense of the word, Vital Partners carries on a similar concept, however, have made it easier and, more convenient so you don’t go on blind dates with a random stranger – awkward.


When you sign up for an online dating website or app, you’re merely a number that appears on their database. There is no sense of personalisation and you are essentially getting matched by a computer robot. A matchmaking agency is a complete opposite. The experts here at Vital Partners meet with all potential clients for a consultation process so they are well informed on what to expect. The consultation itself is of no charge nor obligation – our expert consultants physically see clients face to face, hear their voices and have a conversation with them to find out more about who they are and what they look in their ideal partner. Vital consultants will remember you by name, and with your face and your personality in mind, your Matchmaker is able to mentally link you up to a potential partner they have met.


How many times have you had a horrible blind date? Or just a horrible date in general? It happens to the best of us. This probably results in a night out with your friends, drinking and being miserable the next day – there is definitely emotional support, but no guidance on where you went wrong and how to approach and improve on an issue next time you’re on a date.

Your Vital Angels are experts in love. They’re able to guide you every step of the way – before your date and after your date. They are genuinely interested in how things went with you and your date and will happily offer words of wisdom for your second date. If things didn’t go as planned, they’ll support you emotionally and will always aim to lead you the right way – no booze necessary.


After going on a blind Tinder date, you’ll never really know how well or poorly you did on the date. Your only way of knowing is if they ask you on another date, but what happens when they don’t? You sit there wondering “What did I do that made them not want a second date?”

With an expert matchmaker by your side, you can receive feedback if you like. This is because the Vital Angels speak to both sides after a date, this way you are able to receive feedback on how it all went.- an important information you could use to your advantage on your next night out.


As mentioned previously, Vital matchmakers meet their clients face to face so they know you – exist. With online dating, you’ll never really know who you’re talking to. Your matchmakers ensure you know who you’ll be going on a date with and they know too. Remember that your safety is more important than meeting someone online like a Tinder date.

Your details will not be broadcast online which means none of your details is there for everyone to see. Our matchmaking process is offline, this means your information is all confidential.


The reason you hire a matchmaker is so they can go out and do the necessary work to ensure you don’t meet people who are only after a fling or a one night stand. The details you get are up to date. Your matchmaker then searches through their database and for a suitable match based on yours and your potential partner’s preferences. Vital Partners believes there is someone out there for everybody and that’s why they are passionate about getting singles together. Your Vital Matchmakers are always more than happy to do the extra mile and answer any questions you may have about your potential match prior to meeting Your Vital Matchmaker certainly believes your happiness is a reflection of their satisfaction and of course everyone deserves to love and be loved.




Source: Courtesy of Vital Partners, Dating Site Sydney