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Teaching Kids Passion for Art – In Their Own Language

kids watercolor portrait

As much as you might like your little ones to immediately recognize the grandeur of a Monet, the famous French Impressionist’s brilliance will probably be lost on most kids. When introducing this important subject to a student anywhere, you’re going…
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Teaching Different Types of Learners

learning and schooling

All you have to do is talk to an education professional and you will hear all about how different kids not only learn at a different pace, but many of them will also learn quite differently from one to another….
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Kids Social Studies Lessons Help Bolster Confidence

patriotism australia

Finding social studies lessons that kids will find interesting can be quite a challenge. This is when people should know about the social studies lessons they can use to help in bolstering kids’ confidence to start learning more about their…
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Kids Math Lessons Online


Math is usually a difficult subject to grasp for kids. Most kids hate math more than any other subject they come across. One reason for this is that math is taught in a boring way in most of the schools….
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Is Technology Changing the Face of Teaching?

online learning

High quality education will actually be more of a combination of things instead of a cut and dry path and one form of learning. Today, there are more and more teachers using innovative technologies to bring students together to learn…
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