What Are Some Good Teacher Games For Kids?

If you are a teacher, you may want to make sure that learning is always fun for your students. If they are having a good time in your classroom, learning new material may certainly not seem like such a bore to them. Teacher games are great to play when you want to keep your students motivated. These games allow them to have fun and learn at the same time. Highlighted below are some good teacher games for kids.

Getting to Know One Another Game

happy family - child boy and mom play with toys


The first few days of school are often the scariest for the students. It’s because they may not know too much about one another. At the same time, you do not know too much about them either. There is a great way to get students to introduce themselves while having fun doing so.

The first thing you can do is fill up a small plastic basket with squares of construction paper. Have the children stand in a line. Tell them to pick out as many squares of paper they think they will need without providing an immediate explanation. After everyone is seated, tell the children to write one fact about themselves on each sheet of paper they have grabbed. Take turns having each student share something.

End of the School Year Trivia


During the end of the school year, the workload often gets lighter. However, you still have to teach students on those last few days. So why not have fun with them by creating a trivia sheet for them to work on? The questions on the trivia worksheet should include different areas that the children have learned throughout the school year.

One question could say, “I was born in the 1400’s. I am best known for being an explorer who came across America during a voyage. Who am I?” The answer to this question would be Christopher Columbus.

Create at least 10-20 questions on the worksheet to keep your students busy. Make sure some of the questions should be a bit challenging. However, you can always allow the children to work in pairs. This way, the task becomes easier. The team that finishes first with all the correct answers gets a prize.

There are other fun games out there that you can play with your students. As long as you are creative, you can turn any lesson into a creative and fun game. Doing this encourages the children to want to learn more instead of falling asleep or daydreaming in class.