Helpful Tips To Keep Your Baby’s Skin Healthy

Newborns have sensitive and tender skin that will need extra protection and care.
When babies are born, they have fragile and gentle skin and this is why parents are very concerned about their baby’s skin. Rashes and allergies can easily develop if the skin is not taken care of properly.

New parents must be very careful and must use products that are natural and don’t have any chemical additives that can harm the skin. Why is this the case?

Babies have fragile and thin skin.

They need some time for the skin to adjust to their surrounding environment.
The skin faces many different challenges – think chemical soaps, diaper rashes, and shampoos.

The babies are prone to skin allergies the first few months.

Baby Skin Care
Human beings have the best skin when they are babies. Taking good care of the skin ensures the baby maintains great skin all their life. Below are some tips:

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1. Bathing

There are parents who bathe their baby every day. Always choose soaps and shampoos that don’t cause allergic reactions to the baby. Use a gentle soap and lukewarm water. You will need to turn off all the fans and air conditioners in the room.
Never try new products on your baby. It is a good idea to wipe the bay by using a natural cotton and towels.

2. Powdering

You should be careful when choosing a talcum powder for the child. Use products that have designed for babies as the normal ones can cause irritation. Avoid powders containing grains and go with herbal powders. You should avoid powdering the diaper area because it can cause future infections and complications.

3. Nappies and Diapers

Diapers help the baby remain clean and fresh. However, there are diapers that can cause irritation and result in infections and rashes. If you see any problems, switch the diapers you are using. You should also ensure that you have changed the diaper of the baby the moment you realize he/she has dirtied it because leaving it for too long can result in infections.
It is normal for babies to get rashes, but you will need to take some measures to ensure they don’t get it in the first place. Below are some of the guidelines to help you.

4. Diaper Trouble

Diaper rashes are a result of leaving a diaper too long because it causes irritation. It can also be caused by too-tight diapers or using specific types of diapers, wipes, and soaps.
Change the diapers the moment it’s wet and clean the area using wipes, sprinkle some power on the area to keep it clean and dry.
Rashes are not a serious problem, but it could be a sign of infection. If they get too serious, visit a paediatrician.

5. Skin Problems

Many babies have birthmarks and this is not a hereditary condition. There is no need to worry about birthmarks because they cause no harm and there is no need for treatment.
Eczema is a red, itchy rash that can occur in response to a cause. They occur on the elbow, face, arms, chest, and behind knees. If the family has a history of allergies, atopic dermatitis, or asthma, then there is a risk of the baby getting eczema. Apply soft amounts of moisturizer and use mild soap.
There are babies who develop acne; however, these are not the same as those that appear in teens. If this problem persists, consider seeing a paediatrician

6. Dry Skin

If your baby’s skin is dry, then use a natural moisturizer in order to keep the skin soft, hydrated, and supple. The best option is pure coconut oil.
Avoid bathing the child too often because it can sap vital nutrients from its skin. During the first month, sponge the baby using plain water two to three times per week because it will help prevent the skin from losing the natural moisture while ensuring your baby is clean.
Always go with products that have been designed for babies.

7. General Baby Skin Care Tips

The immune system of babies is delicate, just like their skin. This is why you should not expose them to direct sunlight until they are 6 months old.

Use hats, pants, and long-sleeved tops to protect the skin of the baby.

Ensure the outfit is clean; is it important to wash and soften new clothes before they wear it.

To avoid prickly heats, choose loose clothes and cool environments.

You should stick to organic products because it will help in protecting the skin of the baby from harmful infections and allergic reaction.

Hope this post will help you in taking good care of your baby’s skin. For more detailed information, you can always contact your local baby products Australia experts!




Source: Courtesy of Lovekins, Organic Baby Skin Care Products