Kids Math Lessons Online

Math is usually a difficult subject to grasp for kids. Most kids hate math more than any other subject they come across. One reason for this is that math is taught in a boring way in most of the schools. This is where the kids math lessons online come in handy. There are many interesting resources for kids math lessons online. This article highlights some of the most important resources in this regard.

kids studying mathematics


This site is packed with some of the most interesting entertaining games featuring PBS characters. It is helpful for kids from preschool to middle-school. The site is packed with some of the best math activities such as number recognition, spatial reasoning and data analysis. Curious George will teach your kid shapes while Cat in the Hat will teach your kid patterns. Your kid is also able to play some interesting logic and problem solving games with folks from Cyberchase.

Cool Math4Kids

This site features some of coolest math games that are quite colourful and interactive in nature. It has numerous learning material starting from preschool to high-school. The fun games cover a lot of topics such as logic, numbers, strategy, puzzles, games, memory and the relevancy of math to the real world. The lessons are quite easy to follow and user friendly.

Arcademic Skill Builders

This is an interactive site which teaches math for kids by using video games. It is especially designed for first to sixth graders. The multi-player game platform allows kids to play math games against each other. You also have the option of making the games private with the use of a password. This is a great feature if your kid don’t like to play games with other kids. Most of these games are designed to develop your kid’s speed and accuracy.


This site is recommended by the American Library Association as one of the best online math sites for kids. The site caters to kids from the kindergarten to the 5th grade. Number ordering, measurements, fractions and decimals would appeal to both girls and boys alike. The site has a wide following of kids who are interested in learning math through online video.

The aforementioned information will help you to understand the importance of kids math lessons online. These online math sites will help your kid to learn math easily and with a lot of fun.