Different Ways To Discipline A Child

Children are a blessing, but at times when they misbehave they may seem like they are a curse. However, if you know how to properly discipline your child you will find that it is rather easy to take care of the bad behavior and guarantee that your kids are doing what you want them to and that is behave. Without these tips, you may try a variety of methods, but quickly find out that they are not working because of how your kids are responding to the discipline that you are giving to them.

Tips on How to Properly Discipline Your Child

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The first step is actually very easy and that is to reward your children when they are doing something good. While this may not seem like it is the most logical thing to do because the kids will expect something in return each time they do something good, it is a way that works and does not spoil the kids. For example, you will want to set up rules that they have to follow for a certain time frame. If the children follow the rules for that time frame, then they get a reward, but if they do not follow them or break the rules then they do not get the reward.

Clear Rules

Be clear on the rules that you are setting for for your child. While you may think that the rules are clear, which they could be to you and higher thinking minds, you need to realize children are not at the same level of though process that you are right off the bat. So you need to make sure your rules that you are laying out are down to a level that your kids are going to be able to understand. Without this, the kids may think they are doing good, but in reality are being bad.

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Explain Gently

Avoid the no win argument situation that is commonly put in place by a lot of kids. A good example of this is the kids that have a tendency to say well so and so got to do this, why can’t I? To avoid that situation you should just tell the child that you know they did and explain why they cannot do it. However, at the same time if it is something that is going to be in violation of the rules that you have set forth for your children remind them very gently of the rules that you have in place.

Be Patient

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Keeping cool when you are disciplining your child is something else that you are going to want to do. When you are yelling at your child and you are angry it is not going to get your point across right away, but instead it will scare your child and make them think of you more like a monster. By getting yourself some time so you will have a cool head it will be easier for your child to understand what you mean and allows you to have some time to process the thoughts and what you want to say to the child.


Consistency is key when you are trying to discipline your child. While you may think it is going to be very easy to go out and discipline your child, you need to realize this is not always the case. In fact, for some of the situations you may find that it is rather difficult to discipline your child fairly because they can point out that you did not do that to their siblings for doing the same exact thing. So you need to make sure that you are consistent in how you are enforcing the rules that you have put out.

Practice What You Preach

The old saying is to live your life how you want it to be seen is definitely going to hold true here. You will want to make sure that your kids always see you behaving and following the rules as well. These rules are not necessarily the ones that you put out for your kids, but the rules of the law. By setting yourself up as a good example it will be easier for the kids to see that doing good will get them somewhere in life and allows them to see you as a model.

Being able to discipline your child properly can be a challenge. However, if you know about some of the different ways to discipline your child you will quickly see that it is a lot easier than what you imagined. You just have to make sure you know about the ways to guarantee your children are going to listen to you and follow all the rules that you have set forth. Without this, you could end up having your kids see you are nothing more than a dictator who changes the rules to suit you at any given time.