Cost Of Float Therapy

Flotation therapy is the latest spa treatment that is taking the industry by storm. In fact, the experience is unlike any other treatment you have ever had. Float therapy offers a complete sensory deprivation experience where one reaches a deep meditative state. It provides a profound sense of relaxation and weightlessness with effective healing qualities to the mind, body, and soul of the individual. Most spas that offer this treatment have a pod-like tank that is filled with warm water and Epsom salt. This tank is quite similar to an ice chest and not deep at all. Once inside, you just close the pool door and simply float.



There isn’t much room for you to move about. In fact, you can switch on soft lights and music if you wish to do so. Once you are all set, you will be left alone for 50 minutes by yourself. This article provides information on the cost of float therapy.

Sensory deprivation is seen as a profound wellness tool in this day and age.

You are not concentrating on anything else other than on your own breath when you are inside the floating tank. The weightlessness of the body will allow the muscles to release tension and relax. The water will be warm as your skin. Also, the high content of Epsom salt won’t let you feel the water that you are floating in. All this is supposed to relax your mind and body for 50 minutes or more. This kind of treatment is great for anyone who has 5-10 tabs open at any given time.

You may either go alone or accompany another person with you.

If you are single, you will be charged only $90 for 50 minutes. You may extend the session for 75 minutes for only $125. On the other hand, if you decide to accompany a friend or family member with you, you should pay $140 for a 50 minutes session. If you plan to extend the session to 75 minutes, it costs only $210. The experience is well worth the money you spend on it. Just imagine meditating for 50 minutes in your home! It is almost impossible with all the household chores and other distractions. Even if you find the time to meditate at home, you won’t have the same experience like a floating session where you have 100% sensory deprivation, and you only need to concentrate on the breath. Where else can you have such a profound meditative experience just for $90?

Not only that, what about the release of muscle tension and stress?

The physical benefits of float include relief of muscular tension, joint inflammation, arthritis pain, and other skin ailments. It also improves your sleep and concentration in the process. Float therapy also reduces headaches, high blood pressure, and float your worries away. Imagine all these benefits for just $90? That is why you need to reserve your session without delay. You will be amazed at the profound health benefits of float therapy.

Once you enter the spa, the spa attendant will ask you a series of questions such as whether you have any health issues, communicable diseases, and large cuts in the body. She will then explain how the float room works. You need to shower prior to and after the floating experience. You should also remove any makeup and jewelry before you enter the float room. She will leave you in the room and come back and wait outside in the hallway until your session is over The pool room of the spa has a high ceiling and wide walls. You put on silicone earplugs and proceed to the shower. Then you should step into the pool completely naked.

There are buttons to adjust the lighting and sound to your liking. You will hear the announcement that your floating session is about to start and you have 50 minutes. When the 50-minute session is up, you will hear another announcement. That is when you should shower once again.