Teaching Kids Phonics For Reading And Writing Has Many Benefits


Photo Credit: Jeff Djevdet

Some people don’t have a great opinion about phonics, but I am living proof that it at least can work and work well. It may not be everyone’s preferred method of teaching kids how to read and write, but many people are also in favor of it and tout its success. I would like to tell you about my personal experiences learning phonics and how it has helped me throughout my life.

Phonics was taught to me starting in the 2nd grade, as my parents put me in private school when we moved to Kentucky. I remember some of the lessons and memorizing the charts. Learning phonics helped me with my spelling, my reading and it helped me become a good writer. I have always enjoyed writing, and people have always told me I’m a good speller. Of course, the results showed up in grades and even a spelling bee.

You see, in fourth grade, I was put back in public school for the duration. Let’s just say in certain subjects I was far ahead of my other classmates. I was ahead in math, and I was ahead in reading and writing for sure. The school held a spelling bee that year with the person from each grade that had won the class spelling bee. I had won, so went up there to compete for my grade, the 4th grade. Out of everyone, it was me and the 8th grade person going head to head, with me finishing in second place.

That’s pretty good for a 4th grader who had only two years of phonic. Phonics was used during my classroom instruction at the right time, and I really took to this method of learning reading and writing, before I knew the approach of the public schools. Maybe you home school your children, and you’re thinking about teaching them phonics. This would be a great way to make sure they know how to read and write well at an early age.

With all the technology out there, it’s changing education and kids aren’t getting the same instruction and coursework for reading and writing as the used to when I was younger. They aren’t able to spell very well on average, and they make many grammatical errors when writing papers. Many students aren’t even able to write papers well or aren’t used to getting those types of assignments very often anymore. Teaching kids phonics at an early age can help to change all of that.

It’s not the only thing that’s going to make the change, and it’s not a guarantee. As mentioned earlier, not everyone is in favor of using phonics as the standard. They may not have anything against it either but just not favor it as the means for teaching kids how to read and write. I can tell you though that you’re again reading a review from someone who benefited immensely from learning phonics.

I can tell you that it helped me because of the benefits were so noticeable. To others, it might just be an important part of advancing education but not necessarily highlighted so much. I make a living as a writer, so that was ultimately the end game for me as to learning how to read and write well. It has helped me in other jobs that I’ve held, and I feel it has helped me with my communication skills overall, too.

Maybe you’ve had the same experience as me, but you see that your children aren’t going to get phonics in school. Well, that is why years ago they came out with that ‘Hooked on Phonics’ commercial, where they sold it as something parents could use at home. Nowadays, you can simply get all the resources you need online, without having to get access to it the old-fashioned way.

There are all kinds educational materials online for kids learning phonics. Take a look at the course materials and activities to see if it’s something you think could help your child learn reading and writing the best way. I wouldn’t be making phonics sound good if I wasn’t fully aware of how it worked for me. This is a 100 percent true story from a 36 year old professional that learned how to read and write with the help of phonics in private school.